About Degolia




Greetings, my story: I am a mother of four tender adults that have had many struggles in their lives but each is learning and growing and walking the path that will make their lives better. I am a grandmother of six and I love each one with all my heart. Because of this I have had a lifetime of experience. My hearts is full of compassion and love for all mankind even the ones that I am not particularly fond of. Fortunately I have been able to separate my feelings and serve them to the best of my ability. I am all about the individual’s choice and not what I think is best for them. I will always try to guide and direct but the bottom line is what they think is best for them; this is how they learn and grow. I have been a PSR worker, I am a social work counselor, and I have done service coordination for children for over five years and have done adult case management. I understand the referral process and love to research and link the clients to the resources that will benefit them in their quest for the best independent life possible. It is easy for me to seek assistance from others for clients and advocating and supporting them to the nth degree. I am currently preparing to take my test to get my clinical license in social work. I have no problem going the extra mile but I am very good at setting boundaries to maintain an appropriate professional relationship in such a way that the client feels supported and cared for. I am a guardian for one woman and one man in the community. So to put it simply been there done that and I am always willing and love to learn new and different things that will help the client in their endeavors of a better independent life. I can also be very creative in trying to make things work. I can work with all individuals, it matters not their race, creed or color, religious beliefs or what they have done in the past that has impacted their future i.e. sex offenders. It does not matter their life style or sexual preference.

Now ya all have a great and glorious day.

Degolia M Johnson